The Incredible Balloon Machine

The Incredible Balloon Machine Slot Machine Review

The Incredible Balloon Machine Video Slots

Review of The Incredible Balloon Machine Casino Slots

If you have not played an online slot game for a little while, the chances are that you have missed out on some incredible enchantments to the genre of online casino games.

Once a humble fruit machine no different to those that you might have a spin on in the pub or down the chip shop as you await your scamp and chips, the game has evolved wonderfully into a far more engaging prospect thanks to improved graphics, concepts, themes and even revised layouts that are making the game more original and unique than ever before.

In this slot game review, we have a fine example of a game that has really pushed the boat out from what you might expect from an online video slot machine, as The Incredible Balloon Machine has one of the most unique layouts and gameplay styles that you will ever se..

With no traditional reels as such, the game flows in a really interesting way with the Balloon Machine in question providing the rhythm and wins that you are looking for when you decide to play slots game.

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Summary of The Incredible Balloon Machine Slots

In many ways, it is hard to even call The Incredible Balloon Machine a slot game, for it does not have traditional reels that you bet on or even pay lines that work like your typical online slot game.

Rather, it has this wonderfully free flowing gameplay that relies on The Incredible Balloon Machine itself to pump out balloons, each of which has it's own value as it inflates and floats into your screen.

Yet, the essence of this game is still very much the slot machine style that we all know and love, combing a betting style with this original gameplay that makes it really easy to follow and jump straight into.

The betting starts at 0.20 on The Incredible Balloon Machine and thanks to multipliers and bonus features available slot, you can win up to 3082 times your original bet.

Despite not being a jackpot slot, this is a really big top end prize, and this, as well as some superb graphics and this unique gameplay mode and style, is a big reason as to why The Incredible Balloon Machine is very popular despite being a new game and you might find slots offers like free spins!

The top-end bets allow for 50 per spin, meaning that there really are some huge numbers to come out of this The Incredible Balloon Machine, with every inflatable prize being the chance to win big, it seems.

The Incredible Balloon Machine Casino Slots Bonuses

The Incredible Balloon Machine Video Slots

Microgaming - the Developers of The Incredible Balloon Machine

Online slot game developers are so important to the success of the online casino industry and it is their endless work in designing and developing new online card games, online bingo, and online slots that have the online casino world looking as healthy as it does today.

And there is probably no developer of online casino games more famous and more influential than Microgaming, a legendary brand that was around at the very birth of online casino in the 1990s. If you are among the players looking for free slot games to try Microgaming slots. 

Their software helped lay the very groundwork for the games that we play today and Microgaming itself is still very much leading the way in terms of software development.

Their catalogue of online video slots games is huge and always growing, with The Incredible Balloon Machine being a fine example of what the modern Microgaming is all about.

Great graphics, original gameplay, and crucially in a modern market, the game is available to play across all major platforms, making it. Avery accessible title for gamblers of legal gambling age.


Playing The Incredible Balloon Machine - What to Expect

Playing the game The Incredible Balloon Machine might seem like a bit of a challenge at first thanks to the very original gameplay that it has.

And although the zero reel approach to a slot game might feel a little odd at first, especially to the slot game traditionalists out there who like their slot games filled with fruits, getting the hang of The Incredible Balloon Machine will not take too long at all.

The paypal slots game has a wonderfully flowing gameplay thanks to the nature in which the animated balloons drift into play from the machine and inflate until they might burst.

Stopping them from doing so is vital, as once a balloon pops, any potential prize won from that balloon will burst with it. The balloons come in different colours and each has a prize amount of its own, with some of them being crucial to the bonus features in this one, too.

The Incredible Balloon Machine is set against a gorgeous backdrop of sky and clouds, on which the balloons lazily float across in a charming, calming way. The graphics are really top of the range in terms of online casino so if you are into your visual side of the slots, The Incredible Balloon Machine will definitely go down well with you.

The Incredible Balloon Machine Slots Gameplay

The Incredible Balloon Machine Video Slots

The Incredible Balloon Machine Bonus Features and Free Spins

Online slots often come with a number of bonus features and extra rounds these days and The Incredible Balloon Machine is no different in this respect, as different as it may be in terms of gameplay.

For example, the shining, golden balloon is a key part of the bonuses offered, as is the potential to play a Pick Me Bonus Feature that gives the chance for an instant cash win.

It is a somewhat random feature in terms of success, but it only adds to the risk and rewards nature of this pay by mobile casino game that despite having such an original take on the genre, still very much feels like a slot machine at heart.

When you land a multiplier or a bonus feature, you will not care what game you are playing, anyway.


Our Conclusion on The Incredible Balloon Machine Video Slots

For setting the bar in terms of originality and potential to switch things up in its genre, The Incredible Balloon Machine needs to be highly rated and if you look at how popular it is already, it clearly is that. A fully recommended play.

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*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.