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7 Roulette Tips to Victory

Tips to win at Roulette

Introduction to Roulette Online

The roulette wheel must be one of the most famous items in the world of casino, along with slingo slots, with it’s spinning pockets and mischievous little ball rolling around, tantalising gamblers who try and predict the many outcomes that the old casino classic can conjure up.

First introduced by the French in the late 18th century, the game of roulette has aged incredibly well and even today, in this age of online casino and smartphone gambling, the good old fashion roulette wheel is very much still being enjoyed by a generation that probably knows very little about the French gentry who enjoyed the wheel in Parisian casinos way back in the olden days.

Whilst you might lose the sense of flashiness and sophistication that a roulette wheel can provide in a real life casino, think James Bond with a martini in hand, there are plenty of advantages of playing this casino classic online. With the format growing and growing as an online spectacle, it feels like a good time to offer some tips to follow when playing roulette wheels online. For, this game is one of the most mysterious and charming thanks to it’s fame and notoriety and over the many years in which this has been a pastime in human culture, many great minds across mathematicians and gamblers have had a crack at making a winning method.

While there is no 100% winning strategy for the roulette wheel, there are some gems of wisdom that we can offer here in this, 7 tips to follow when playing roulette online, or videoslots, at Slotsracer.com. On the list we have advice on how to place bets, where to play the game and above all, how to ensure that you are having a good time playing this universally loved casino offer. So, place your bets, people, as we give you a helping hand on the online roulette wheel.

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#1 Shop around for the best roulette game to play…

Like with any other online casino game, the roulette wheel does not have just one game or one format.

Games can vary in terms of themes and graphics (just like the fruit machine world), as well as from American Roulette to European or French Roulette, so do be sure to have a look around different online casinos and pick a game that you like the look of. Sticking to one game will only make you get bored quicker.

#2 Look out for sign-up offers and bonuses at Online Casinos

Online casinos are very competitive with each other and one way in which they fight for your custom is through the offering of welcome offers and sign-up bonuses - or vice versa. These are exclusive to those who sign up to a casino as a new customer and can come in the form of free bets of extra cash for your bets, so if you are planning a roulette session, what not take advantage of the chance to up your wins before you start? Click here for more on this.

#3 No such thing as being on a roll…

We all love luck and surely believe in it, it’s what makes gambling fun, after all. However, realise that the roulette wheel is not emotional, it is not supernatural and every spin is completely random. Therefore, although you might feel like you are on great form or even on a roll, this has no implication on your next bet.

This is relevant for being on a losing streak as well, just so you know.

#4 Your lucky numbers might not be lucky after all

Similar to the above, we did not want to be the ones to tell you this, but your lucky numbers might not be lucky after all. Thanks to random number generator software, online roulette is foolproof and fair, with every bet being as random as the last. Just because you were born on the 9th and 9 has not come up yet, does not mean that it will next time. 

#5 Try out the Martingale Roulette Method

There are so very famous strategies and methods uses on the roulette wheel, with it’s unpredictable nature yet set amount of outcomes making it the perfect game for mathematicians and number crazy gamblers to go into great depth thinking about. One of the most famous methods that is often applied to the roulette wheel is the Martingale method.

This strategy is not 100% perfect, otherwise we would all be doing it, but it can offer some inspiration for some smart betting. It involves the player doubling their bet every time they lose and only betting on evens bets. These include odds or even numbers or blacks or reds. The thinking is that, with what is very almost a half-chance of winning each time, you will eventually win and therefore cancel out the money that you have lost.

The issue is that, if your win does not come in quickly, you might be out of money before you can make that winning bet. So, do be sure to set yourself a budget that you are happy to risk if you are going to. Try the Martingale method at Racer Slots paypal site.

#6 Set yourself a budget when gambling online

As mentioned above, setting a budget is crucial to all gambling games. If you only bet an amount of money that you are comfortable with losing, well then you can not really lose, can you? Be sensible and budget your gambling, perhaps using tools given by online casinos themselves, and however you bet, you will not lose an amount that you cannot handle losing.

#7 Check your online casinos new games regularly

Finally, this last tip relates a lot to the first one. There are a while load of amazing classic casino games to play out there and sticking to just one would be a mistake in itself. So, do be sure to keep an eye on the times and see if there are any new games, or maybe a 500 free spins slots promotions, you like the look of being released.

Developers of online casino games work very hard so the chances are that if you check the listings of roulette games your casino has, a new title will emerge soon enough.

For more information check out our full roulette guide here, as well the gambling laws surrounding this game!