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Best Bonus Rounds in Online Slots Games 2020

Best Bonus Rounds in Online Slots Games 2020

There are so many different online slot games available online for you to choose from. But to help you to make a wise choice, we have looked into the slots games with the best bonus rounds features available to you. We have found slots game with the most free spins, most interesting bonus games and maybe even a way to increase your winnings. But what are these interesting slots games and where can we find them? Before you start playing make sure to check out the gambling regulations in the UK!

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Mega Fortune Dreams

NetEnt created a progressive slots game back in summer of 2014 which we doubt they ever dreamed would be this successful. It has been a massive hit with gamers from all backgrounds and offers the ability for people to win well over £1.5 million. This is a five reel, 20 payline slots game which is of medium variance and maximum excitement. With an RTP of 95.9%, this game is not only loved due to the bonus game on offer but also because of the number of free spins that are available and the way in which these can influence your winnings. If you win cash during your free spins feature, this will triple your total winning capacity. In this instance, you are able to win 8,400 times your initial stake just from winning during your free spin time. Scatters and free spins are both running high in this progressive slots game but the bonus feature is where the big excitement is hiding. This is where you need to be able to align three symbols illustrating the bonus wheel which will enable you to be in with a chance of competing for one of the three big bonus prize funds.

There is an impressive sense of luxury when you are playing Mega Fortune Dreams slots games but perhaps that because they want you to think about all of your wildest dreams coming true as you play their slots game. There are yachts, diamonds and the sportiest of cars everywhere you look. If you get your reels aligning in the right order, your dreams might just come true; check these video slots and others like the ones below for huge wins!

Hall of Gods Casino Slot

Another clever creation from NetEnt is that of the Hall of Gods which is in this list of the best slots games online with the best bonus rounds because of the much-anticipated pick and choose feature. It is not one of the most modern looking slots games online with hundreds of bells and whistles, but what you can certainly be assured of is its ability to enable you to win big, its excitement factor and the fun of being able to make more of the decisions yourself. This game may be partly about luck but it is also about you making some good choices too.

In the Hall of Gods slots game, you need to make friends with some of the best known Ancient Gods to be able to get yourself to the bonus features round. The most useful of which in this scenario is that of Thor who will help you out by giving your access to the hammer you need to smash the cash-heavy shields to enable you to win a prize or even two if you are particularly lucky. There are many different things hiding behind the shields, and these may not just be prizes but also the progressive jackpot that could be yours just as easily as smashing through the shield itself. With so many millionaire players to its name, there is no wonder why the Hall of Gods is so popular, but will you be the next face in the Hall of Fame?

Take your chances on this 2013 slots game with its low to medium variance level and an RTP of 95.3%. This is a five reel, 20 payline slots game which allows players to place bets from as little as 1p. The only question is, what are you waiting for? Even without getting your hands on the progressive jackpot prize, there is still a good opportunity for you to win large amounts of cash as you play with Gods known to us all, including those of Thor, Odin and so many more.

Mega Moolah Jackpot Game

There are many different Mega Moolah games that have all been popular be none more so than the Bonus Wheel. Yes, it’s true. It does look like this wheel could be spruced up a little but don’t be put off by its out of date styling because there are some of the biggest jackpot prizes on the market available for you to win just by playing this game. There are no frills on this game but what it lacks in bonus features it makes up for with the number of jackpots available to you. There are four different jackpots ranging from your mini everyday kind of cash, right up to your mega cash prize which would be life-changing if only you could get your hands on it. This sort of cash in easily into the millions and there have been many multi-millionaires made just from playing this Mega Moolah slots game and spinning the famous wheel.

Though this infamous slots game was created in 2006, it is still visible at the top of the majority of slots charts due to its popularity. There are multiple different variations of this Microgaming classic, but it seems to be the Bonus Wheel that has players returning on a frequent basis. This is a medium variance slots game with an RTP of 88.12%. It has five reels, 25 paylines and offers you the ability to win £225,000 prior to the jackpot prize. Place your bets from anywhere between 1p and 5p per payline to increase your chances of winning the biggest of prizes. There is a reason that this slots game is known as the “millionaire maker” so why don’t you see if you can make this a reality for yourself too?

Gonzo’s Quest Slot Machine

Not at all your standard style of slots game to be played let alone to make it into the charts, Gonzo’s Quest is a cleverly designed game which is actually based on stones not seemingly turning reels. You are joined in your quest by your new best friend, Gonzo, who is set to help you to explore and find the hidden treasure that you desperately need to find. Watch as the stones align, fall and crumble, revealing more of an increased prize as you go along.

Another great hit from NetEnt and the reason for it being loved so much is due to the bonus feature known as the Avalanche. This is where the blocks continue to tumble as you align correct sequences and this enables more blocks to take the place of the pre-aligned ones.  This means that there is more chance of you being able to get more cash, increase your multipliers and maybe even open up the bonus feature game all whilst one having to pay to spin the reel once. Keep winning on the Avalanche feature and every win will be multiplied by five so the cash return can be really quite substantial, even if the initial win is not. When it was first released, there were no other slots games on the market that worked, looked or featured bonuses like this one. Despite there being multiple different replicas now, there are still none as good as the original.

This is a mid to high variance level slots game with the potential for you to win £187,500 at any one time. You can place your bets from as little as 20p up to £50 and with an RTP of 95.97% you are rather likely to win a significant return. This is a five reel, 20 payline slots game with a great bonus feature. So why don’t you join Gonzo today and see if you can survive the Avalanche feature with him by your side? Though this slots game is based on a real-life explorer, Gonzalo Pizzaro, the aesthetics of this game are good enough to make you believe that you are really exploring alongside him. Look out for free spins and wild along the way, but we are sure that you will agree with us that the Avalanche feature is the most exciting part of this game by miles!

Gonzo's Quest slot logo

Cosmic Fortune

You may have worked out from the name that there is something a little bit space themed, alien-esque, perhaps even a little bit Pacman reminiscent about this popular slots game, and if you do then you are absolutely correct. It is worth pointing out right from the off that Free Falls in this game are the free spins that we all know and love so much because there are so many ways in which you can trigger them in Cosmic Fortune, you should really be aware of what’s going on. You can start by aiming to align three scatter symbols on your reels which will enable you to receive ten free spins. During your free spins, if you are able to trigger any more scatter symbols, even individually, then you will be rewarded with another five free spins for every scatter symbol you gain. But this is not the only exciting bonus feature to be much anticipated in this slots game. There is also the bonus game which is known as Free Fall.  This is rather a strange style of bonus feature or bonus game when associated with slots game because it has absolutely nothing to do with slots gaming itself. What happens is that balls start dropping from all sorts of directions on your screen and the aim is that as many of them as possible land in the Collection Cup at the bottom of your screen. Sounds simple and sounds like there is absolutely no way that you cannot do well with this, except there is no way to move the Collection Cup and therefore your luck is in the hands of the aliens. As the balls fall, they will create coins. The more coins in your Collection Cup at the end of this bonus feature, the more money you have won. Any coins on the screen but not in your Collection Cup will not be counted but don’t be disappointed because there is a reason for the balls, too.

If you are fortunate enough to be able to catch three balls inside the Collection Cup, this will allow you to trigger the jackpot game. This is where the excitement really starts as you are getting very close to winning the biggest slots prize of the entire game – the jackpot. All you have to do is get three balls into the same cup and you will be the winner on Slots Racer!

Progressive and Non-progressive Slot Games Available

Deciding which online slot games you will play on Slotsracer.com is hard, but many players are able to choose their favourite based on the bonus rounds available to them. Make sure you are aware of what gives you the most satisfaction before you begin playing on your slots games so that you can avoid any unnecessary disappointment. A good way to go about this is to learn the difference between the two types of jackpots available to you. The most common is the non-progressive or the fixed jackpot slot. This is where the size of the monetary prize does not alter despite how many people are playing or the amount of money that has been paid into it.

The progressive jackpot slots game is able to alter in its value due to the number of people playing, the length of time you have been playing for, the number of times the reel has been spun and the number of coins you are using per spin of the reel. Keep your eye on what the jackpot prize is, as this is an ever-changing number but it will always be a bigger win here than a non-progressive slots game even if it happens less often.  Taking notice of the difference between these two styles of slots games will also help you to decide on the best slots game bonus features for you too.

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