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Gambling regulations that Impact Players

Regulations in UK Gambling Online

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Playing on a videoslots casino and slots games sites can be both fun and rewarding. There are now ways to gamble anytime and anywhere. From mobile phones, tablets and PCS, sites like Slot racer allow players to access their games with ease.

But it is not always that simple. There are inherent dangers and hurdles that need to be cleared to ensure the best experience for all. These take the form of gambling regulations and gambling laws set up for many different reasons. But how do these gambling regulations affect us, the player?

Let’s see below or go out and about with our pay by phone slots.

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Gambling regulations that keep us safe

One main gambling law that we are all aware of is the age limit. The UK Gambling law states that a player must be 18 or over to partake in casino games online. Other countries vary on this age but 18 is usually the standard.

There are no secrets as to why. This gambling regulation is in place to ensure that players are legally in charge of their own decisions. Legal adults are able to decide what to do with their money and that includes gambling.

Licenses for Online Gambling

This is not for the player to worry about but it does affect them slightly. Gambling regulations state that all casinos, regular or online, have to be registered and have a licence. This also means that every game that they promote and have available must be accounted for.

Yes, Slot Racer have to declare all 700 hundred of their slot games. This gambling law is in place to make sure that there are no games out there that are unbalanced, unfair or created to drain players of their money with no chance of winning. In a way this gambling regulation is most beneficial for us, the players.

Regulations Around the globe

As mentioned above, there are different gambling regulations in different areas. Gambling regulations UK are focused heavily on maintaining consistency across all platforms and that includes their national lottery. The EU has a no-sector specific gambling regulation as they have to monitor so many different countries. This is a blanket law that all countries need to adhere to whether the country allows online gambling or not.

Then again, the USA does not allow players to gamble until the age of 21, the legal age of consent. With online gaming, these different gambling regulations are harder to keep track of. That is why the player is asked to read and sign terms and conditions when signing up to an online site such as Slots Racer. This ensures that players are aware of the different gambling laws that could affect them and that they are of the right age to comply.

2020 Gambling Laws

A newer gambling regulation that has come about is that gambling sites and businesses are now allowed 72 hours to perform age verifications. This legally covers the business and player as neither want to be stung by a large fine. More time means that there is less chance of a mistake.

A new gambling law states that players in the UK can no longer make deposits using a credit card. In fact it is illegal. This was put in place to stop players from accruing massive amounts of debt and also allow gambling businesses to uphold there players payments. It is extremely easy to flake on a credit card payment.

Upcoming Gambling regulations

The current gambling laws are always being scrutinised so they are as safe as possible. That is why a new gambling law is being considered to do with self-exclusion. This is a law created for those that struggle with gambling and have an addiction. This law will put them on database so that they cannot be targeted by ads or promotions. This keeps them and casinos safe from the backlash that those playing again would cause.

New technology also means that there are newer ways to play. You can now deposit with PayPal or your phone contract. Whilst there are no gambling regulations to limit these as yet it is expected that these laws will be reviewed and changed the more they are used by players.

Last Notes

There are many gambling regulation and gambling laws designed for one reason, to keep us safe. They will continue to be updated and the effects are for our own benefit; some of these particularly impact free online slot games to play so stay tuned for further updates!