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How are UK slots different to games from other countries?

UK Slots

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Online slots UK are different to those in other countries. They vary from the USA and the rest of Europe in so many ways. There are many reasons as to why so let’s explore them.

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Laws in the UK

Let’s get the boring stuff out of the way first. To play slots online UK the law states that you have to be 18 years old to partake in gambling, the age one is legally an adult. However this age varies overseas most notably in the USA where this age is 21 and across Europe this can be as low as 16.
Then you have to look at a more recent law the UK put in place that has forbidden the use of credit cards to make deposits. This ensures the slots UK players do not accidentally run up a huge debt whilst playing. Not only this, but sites like Slot Racer are always certain to get their earnings from players.

The Country of Origin

Online slots UK are different to games from other countries because of how their gambling industry started. Slots in the UK mainly took form of a fruit machine in the local pub. People would gather around these machines with friends to play and drink. It was a feature of the evening. Compare that to the likes of the Vegas strip in the USA and there is a stark difference. The players here take it more seriously, sitting at a machine and mindlessly pressing the single button until it pays out.

These differences are what leads into the contrasts in gameplay in video slots UK.

Gameplay of Slots UK

The gameplay of online slots UK is tailored around how the land based gambling industry started. These slots have more bells and whistles, more buttons and free spin offers. This is a holdover from the physical fruit machines, the idea of keeping everyone in the group engaged. The other major difference in slots UK is that the pay-outs are much lower. The slots games are designed around the gameplay instead of the amount that a player can win.

The online slots from the other side of the pond offer huge pay-outs and are simpler. This is to better capture the feel of slots from Vegas. If you want to see the difference for yourself, experiment with different slots at Slot Racer to see the contrast between these different types of games.

Changing times Across Different Countries

It is not only the USA that free slot game in the UK differ from. The EU has its own ways to regulate gaming. Whilst the close proximity of the UK to some of these countries can mean that the gameplay is very similar, the laws are now different.
Since the UK has left the EU, they are free to create their own gambling laws and regulations for slots UK. The EU monitors all gambling laws for all its countries from Spain all the way to Greece. Gambling may differ in these countries or be more popular but they all must adhere to the same rules set out by the EU. Online Slots UK does not need to do this any longer.

Progressive winnings in UK Slots

Slots online UK have their own way of paying out. Instead of the odds directing the player to one, massive jackpot the slots UK gradually increase the amount that you win. The games are more focused on a ladder based system rather than unlocking a big pay wall. This is called progressive winning and is a great aspect of slot games UK. The game feels more like a journey and can last longer instead of utilising the instant win system and ending the game immediately.

Last Thoughts

In conclusion, the roots and location of the UK has largely dictated how online slots UK work. Their games are designed to be more social and last longer but the pay-out is smaller. Other places favour a more instant win system with limited gameplay. Getting paid is the main incentive of these pay by phone casino slots and that’s fine. Whichever style you prefer, you can play plenty of UK based slots at Slot Racer to find out whether it is a system you would enjoy. To learn more, join Slots Racer!