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How Do Card Counters Get Caught?

How Do Card Counters Get Caught?

Card counting is a strategy some players use in blackjack to try and predict winning hands. While it's not illegal, casinos are heavily against it.

In this blog post, we'll explore how casinos catch card counters, from high-tech surveillance, to clever dealer tactics. You'll discover the methods used to spot and stop these players and understand why fairness in gambling is so important.

Do Casinos Mind If You Count Cards?

Casinos aren't fond of card counting. Although it's not illegal, casinos view it as an unfair advantage. They want every player to have an equal chance of potentially winning.

If you count cards, you're tracking which ones have been dealt to try and estimate which will come next. This can give you a better idea of when to bet more or less.

Casinos invest a lot in keeping the games fair for all players. This includes spotting those who might try to get an edge, like card counters. They use advanced surveillance systems and train their staff to notice any suspicious patterns.

If you're caught counting cards, the casino can ask you to leave. They might also share this information with other casinos. While counting cards isn't against the law, the consequences can still affect your ability to play in the future.

Can You Get Banned From a Casino For Counting Cards?

Yes, you can get banned from a casino for counting cards.

Although card counting isn't illegal, casinos see it as a method to try and gain an unfair advantage over the house. This is why they take it seriously.

Casinos have the right to refuse service to anyone they suspect of card counting. If you're identified as a card counter, staff may ask you to leave and not return. This can happen without any legal issues since casinos are private establishments.

Some casinos share information about known card counters with other casinos. This means getting banned from one place can impact your ability to play elsewhere.

In short, while card counting isn't a crime, the consequences within the casino industry can be significant. Always be mindful of the rules and the potential outcomes when choosing how you approach your game.

How Do Card Counters Get Caught In Casinos?

Casinos use multiple strategies to catch card counters. These range from technology to human observation.

High-tech surveillance systems, often called "eye in the sky," monitor all casino activities. Cameras focus on the tables, capturing every move and helping staff look for any unusual betting patterns.

Dealers are a casino's front-line defence. They are trained to spot suspicious behaviour, such as varying bet sizes, or long periods of play without looking at the table.

Pit bosses usually keep an eye on several tables at once. They note any irregular activities and can call in additional reviews if needed.

Casinos also employ software to track player behaviour. These systems analyse betting patterns, looking for any signs of card counting techniques.

Additionally, players who show signs of skilled card counting may be asked to participate in more complex games, or be restricted to flat betting, where the bet size doesn't change.

Together, these methods help casinos maintain fairness and deter card counters. If caught, players may be asked to leave and could be banned from the establishment.

Can You Get Caught Counting Cards Online?

Counting cards online isn't as effective as in a physical casino. Most online casinos use automatic shuffling after every hand, which makes it nearly impossible to employ card counting strategies.

Additionally, online casinos use software to detect unusual betting patterns. If the system flags suspicious behaviour, your account might be reviewed.

Live dealer games are a bit different, as they use real cards and actual dealers. However, these games often employ multiple decks and frequent shuffling, which limits the effectiveness of card counting.

Online casinos also keep detailed logs of all actions taken by players. This data can be analysed to spot any potential card counting attempts.

It's essential to be aware that online casinos aim to provide fair play for everyone. Employing strategies like card counting can result in account suspension or even permanent bans.

How Do Online Casinos Prevent Card Counting?

Online casinos use several techniques to prevent card counting.

One of the main methods is automatic shuffling after each hand. This makes it almost impossible to keep track of the cards.

In addition, online casinos use Random Number Generators (RNGs) to ensure each deal is entirely random. This further reduces any chance of predicting the next card.

For live dealer games, multiple decks are typically used and shuffled frequently. Some sites also employ advanced software to track and analyse player behaviour, flagging any suspicious activity.

All these measures aim to provide a fair casino gaming environment, where everyone has an equal chance to enjoy the games.


Card counting is a fascinating strategy, but can lead to serious repercussions if detected. Whether online or in physical casinos, various advanced techniques are in place to catch and prevent it. Understanding these methods helps ensure fair play and a more enjoyable experience for all players.