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Is Mobile Gaming the Future of Casinos?

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With the new technology available to us now it is only natural for online slots to grow and fill this space, most specifically by the advent of pay by phone slots. Everyone owns a mobile nowadays that can access the internet so now it is easier to play slots online, on the go. Is this fast paced method now the future of casinos?

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Online Slots - When did they Come About?

When the internet became popular, slot games and video slots free spins games were quickly developed and put online for the casino players to enjoy. It was a great success for both developer and player. The next technological step was the smart phone. The same as what we had before, only smaller and transportable. Now we have access to sites like slot racer where we can play mobile slots. These slots are what is next in line for the medium.

New ways to pay for Gambling

Now that everyone has a smart phone in which to play online slots, it wasn’t long before sites like slot racer innovated further.

Players can now use something called pay by mobile slots, a method of playing slot machines online and paying their deposits by adding it to their phone bill. This eliminates the need for players to have a separate online casino account which is a great security benefit.

Graphical advancements with Mobile Slots

Since slot games have been available online, we have been able to play high quality, stunning games at home. But the smart phones capabilities have caught up to our at home PC’s. They can keep up and your phone now has access to sites like slot racer and you can play games like:

  • Fluffy Fairground - a cute game set in a green field at fairground. The cuddly toys at this fairground make up the symbols on the 5 reels. We have an elephant, a dragon, lion, panda and turtle. By matching 3, 4, or 5 of these in a pay line the player wins, with the purple hippo paying out the most. There is also the opportunity to earn some free spins when matching the pink elephant, a wild card if you will.
  • Starburst - This is a game set in space where the object is to match the different coloured gems, which look stunning on the mobile slots version. The winnings stack up when you match 3, 4, or five across the five reels. Sadly, there is no bonus round but more multipliers available in the main game.
  • 7’s to burn - this game has three reels to play across and a more classic feel to it. The symbols are quite traditional and take the form of stars, bells, cherries, oranges and watermelons. As the title suggests, there are also the burning 7’s that act as the wild. Spin the reels to match the most symbols and earn free spins with the wild. With an extra bet feature you can raise the stakes to your liking. How’s that for a high stakes mobile slot.
  • Shaman’s Dream - this is a slot game themed around magic tools. You can bet as little as 0.01 and as much as 0.5 with a jackpot of 9,500. By matching the right tools across the five reels, you can win. This slot is proof that mobiles can run graphically advanced games.

This variety of mobile slots is proof enough that mobile phones can keep up with anything the PC has to offer, only with the added ability of being able to travel with it.

Travel while Betting

Play mobile slots on slot racer on holiday, on a plane, on the bus, in the park. Wherever you want really.

Concluding Thoughts

Smart phones and mobile slots are the newest innovation in online slots. With the ability to pay by mobile phone and play anywhere you wish, it has many advantages over regular online slots. It is easy to see why this medium is fast becoming the future of casinos.

But what else lies in store. We do not know what tomorrow may bring. Perhaps something will appear to displace mobile slots or make pay by mobile slots less appealing. Who know what the future may bring. For now it is bright for mobile slots.