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Is PayPal the Best Deposit Option for Slot Gamblers?

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PayPal has become quite the handy tool for businesses and consumers alike. It is a great way to manage your funds and transfer them safely to trusted individuals that are also using the service. Its number one selling point has always been security.

Now, video slots players can use PayPal as a deposit option to play slot and casino games online. How does PayPal slots stack up against other ways to deposit and play slots?

Deposit for video slots

Slot Offers

By signing up to play with PayPal casino UK, the fruit machines sites will offer the player a wide array of bonuses. For instance Slot Racer offers gamblers 500 free spins on a slot game of their choice just for using PayPal slots UK. That’s a huge incentive for someone to use this method. Especially if a player is already enjoying a certain game.

Not satisfied? Other offers around the web include doubling the amount that you deposit with PayPal slots UK for free, offering free amounts of money to spin with or offering a deposit bonus and free spins. As you can, sites want you to play using this method.

Security with PayPal

Another benefit of using PayPal slots is that you do not need to set up an online casino account to play. That means you do not need to use your bank or card information to log in and play. Everything is done via your PayPal account. That is as safe as online gambling can be. If you trust PayPal then you can trust PayPal slots.

This is a major concern for some people who are unfamiliar with online betting and so getting them playing with a site that they can trust is win-win.

Cons to PayPal Slots

Of course it is not all sunshine and rainbows. As with everything, there are some things to be aware of when using PayPal casino UK.

One is that you may incur transaction fees. Not all the time but it sometimes occurs when trying to withdraw winnings into your bank account. This usually happens when you withdraw a certain amount and so it only hurts when you win big. Nobody wants to lose out on their jackpot.

Another issue is that not all sites allow PayPal slot deposits. Some up to date sites like Slot Racer encourage you to use this feature and offer benefits for doing so. However some ignore the feature completely. It’s not understood why but you could miss out on some key casino games with PayPal slots casino UK. That is not very consistent.

Free online slot games to play when you deposit some funds can be found here.

Competition of Deposit Methods

There is another deposit method that is making the rounds out there to challenge PayPal slots - and that is pay by phone slots. This is a method where a player can add the money they deposit on casino sites to their phone bill. This means they can play as much as they like on their smart phone instead of on PC.

A very similar way to play as PayPal slots only it is slightly more convenient for players. Not everyone has a PayPal account, most people have a phone contract and smart phone.

However, pay by mobile slots do not allow you to withdraw your winnings using this method so that is another point in favour of PayPal slots UK. If you have to create an online casino account to withdraw your winnings then that greatly diminishes the security benefits.

Last Thoughts on Deposit Methods like PayPal

PayPal slots are a new and innovative way of creating new methods to deposit and play slots online. Whilst it is still quite new it does offer great benefits, such as security. Even sites like Slot Racer are actively encouraging gamblers to use this method with all of the great bonuses they offer. Who can say no to free spins?

Even the competition isn’t able to keep up as pay by mobile slots cannot offer everything that PayPal slots can. No security bonus there. In conclusion, PayPal slots is one of the best no deposit options for gamblers. We can only hope that all online slot sites pick up on this option soon to cement this status.