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Head-to-Head: Mobile vs Traditional Casino Games

Head-to-Head: Mobile vs Traditional Casino Games

iGaming industry has come a long way since the first land-based slots were created in the 1800s. Thanks to advances in technology, online slot casinos became a huge thing very quickly and offered a chance for software developers to make slots even more exciting, smooth and filled with top-quality graphics. The iGaming industry changed again in the early 2000s and gamers could now play their favourite casino games from their mobile phones. But which is better, mobile casinos or traditional casinos? We’ll be discussing the benefits and not so good parts of both; if you are interested in video slots only learn more here. 

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What is a traditional casino?

A traditional casino is a physical casino that you have to travel to. Here you’ll be able to gamble by playing a variety of casino games including poker, blackjack, roulette, and slots. There are casinos all over the world but America, particularly Las Vegas, is widely known for them.

Best things about land-based casinos

One of the best things about traditional casinos is that they are a great place to socialise and make friends. This is probably one of the biggest reasons why people go to casinos. When you go to a casino, your main aim is to have fun and socialise with your friends. The buzzing atmosphere is also a big part of a casino. You can hear people chatting away, the sounds of celebration and frustration, the sounds of slot machines pinging and beer bottles clinking. As soon as you walk into the casino you’re dazzled with bright lights and an array of rainbow colours. It’s quite a magical place! Another great thing about a traditional casino is that they offer benefits that an online casino doesn’t. The perks of a land-based casino vary from casino to casino so make sure you check those out before you go so you don’t miss out. Some benefits may include free accommodation, free show tickets and more. We’re guessing that some of the larger casinos in the US offer some pretty good perks.

That’s not all, there are so many other benefits too. Once you’re on the system with that casino, you may be sent slots promotions to get you to come back. This again could be free food or hotel stays. You may even get free bets or free slot coupons. 

Bad things about land-based casinos

The worst thing about a traditional casino is probably the distance. If you don’t live in a city then there’s probably no one around for miles so it’s not very convenient if you have the urge to play on the slot machines. 

It’s also a lot more expensive as you have to think about travel or petrol costs, a potential hotel stay if you want to make a night of it and you need to have money for food also. The costs can quickly add up before you even step foot in a casino so this is something you should definitely consider. Another potential disadvantage to traditional casinos is the awkward small talk. If you feel anxious in busy places then a land-based casino is a no go. You’ll be playing against a real dealer and real players in casino games like roulette and blackjack. There are also lots of interruptions too which may make you lose focus such as the small talk from cocktail waitresses, chatty players and so on.

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What’s a mobile casino?

A mobile casino is an online version of a traditional casino where you can play casino games on your mobile phone. You can find mobile casino games in the App Store and Play Store and download them so you can play whenever and wherever you want.

Best things about mobile casinos

Possibly the best thing about mobile casino gaming is that you can play in the comfort of your own home without any distractions a traditional casino may bring. You don’t have to worry about what to wear or if you need a smarter suit, you can play in your pyjamas if you want to! Another great thing about mobile casinos is that there is so much more choice. A traditional casino may have lots of slot machines but this doesn’t compare to the thousands you have access to within one click on your mobile phone. When playing casino games on your phone, you know that you can play your favourite slot at any time but your favourite slot might not be at the casino.

You can find so many mobile casino games in both the App Store and Play Store. You can find bingo, blackjack, roulette, and live dealer games. There are also thousands of slots to choose from. These range from simple 3 reel slots, 243 ways to win slots, progressive jackpots, and slots with multiple pay lines. There are also slots with themes that appeal to players of all kinds including slots with classic fruit themes, Irish luck themes, fairytale themes, warrior themes, pirate themes, and so much more. One of the best things about a mobile casino is the benefits. Many online and mobile casinos offer rewards including welcome bonuses and first deposit bonuses to entice players. Some even have rewards schemes where the more you play, the more rewards you will receive including free spins and free games. You can even take advantage of several welcome offers to see which casino is your favourite!

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Bad things about mobile casinos

One possible bad thing about mobile casino gaming is that you’re playing by yourself and there’s no social interaction. You don’t get the same buzzing atmosphere as you do when you go to a traditional casino and you can’t meet with likeminded people and make new friends. Another possible disadvantage is fraudulent sites or apps. People don’t check the legitimacy of a site or app and end up losing their money which can be very devastating. Before you download any mobile casino app or go on any casino site make sure to check that it’s legitimate. Slots Racer offers other amazing options like PayPal casino too, but before you do anything check out the uk gambling laws to be sure that you are safe!

In summary: A Review

As you can see, there are many great reasons why you should play pay by phone slots games and go to a traditional casino and there are also a few reasons why they may not be so good. If you enjoy social interaction and being in a vibrant buzzing environment then a traditional casino is the perfect option for you. If you prefer staying at home and enjoy playing slots at your own pace then you may prefer mobile slot games.