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Mobile Deposit Casino

What is a Mobile Deposit Casino?


A mobile deposit casino allows you to deposit cash directly from your mobile devices. This is as opposed to the normal method of paying in online casinos, where you must choose a payment method.

The mobile casino deposit option an amazing development since most people today do everything on their smartphones. What this means is that you can quickly make a deposit on your preferred casino and start playing your favorite slot sites 2021 games from any location.

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What is a Mobile Deposit Casino?

Mobile casinos offer various payment options, and the mobile slots pay by phone bill is one of them. It is also known as pay by phone, Pay by SMS, Pay by Mobile, Charge to Bill, Direct Carrier billing, etc. Regardless of the name used in describing it, they all mean the same thing.

The Mobile deposit casino allows you to make deposits in online casinos using your credit or phone bill and play online casino games. This form of payment is very easy to use, and it adds the amount you want to fund your casino with to you monthly phone bill. Once you choose this option of payment in an online casino, you will be required to enter a deposit amount alongside your phone number.

Then, the casino sends a confirmation code to the number you listed out, which you then input in the casino you want to play. This confirmation code is evidence that you are authorizing that the charges are made to your phone bill. The need for a phone number and the confirmation code makes this a very safe and secure payment method.

It works through popular processors like Boku and Zimpler, and it is becoming a more popular payment option since almost everyone today has a smartphone.

Playing slots on Mobile Deposit Casinos in the UK

Most online casino platforms today offer mobile slots. This is the case even with desktop casino platforms since they tend to have a mobile application that can properly function on every mobile device type. Mobile deposit casinos are not any different either.

Pay by phone bill casinos support players who prefer making deposits via their mobile devices. The registration process in these kinds of casinos is not so different from your typical online casino. However, this is an important step you must go through if you plan on playing mobile slots.

To register and play mobile slots in mobile deposit casinos, these steps can help:

  • Find a mobile deposit casino of your choice.
  • Register by providing your name, email address, and phone number.
  • Confirm your email address.
  • Once you are through with registration, choose the mobile deposit option as your method of deposit.
  • You should be redirected to a processing platform option like Boku, Payforit, etc.
  • Choose the option you prefer and input the amount you want to deposit
  • You will receive a text message with a confirmation code on the phone number you used to register.
  • Input this code on the phone casino to authorize the payment
  • When the transaction is successful, you will receive another text message

Most casinos offer a welcome bonus for new players that come with numerous benefits. Make sure you go through the promotions page to learn how you can fully leverage the available bonus offer. Once you read and understand this and have made your deposit, you can begin playing the mobile slots of your choice for real money. Slots Racer offers you a mobile deposit casino that you can completely rely on. Simply check out the website, deposit your funds and start playing your favorite games.

Can You Win Real Money in Mobile Deposit Casinos?

Absolutely! Playing in mobile deposit casinos is the same as playing in a typical casino. You are depositing real cash and playing real games – with the only difference being that you are making the deposit and playing via your mobile device. Nothing else has changed, so long as you choose a game you enjoy and follow the rules, you will win real money. The only thing you can't do in a mobile deposit casino is to withdraw your winnings. If you are lucky to win, you will need to find another payment method to cash out your earnings.

If you are considering playing and winning real money in pay with phone credit casinos, the following tips can help:

  • Play for Free First: Before you play for real money, it is best to play for free. This will help you understand the casino game and create a winning strategy. It also helps you understand the workings of the bonuses and how you can leverage them in online casinos.
  • Have a Budget: Having a budget can help you play smarter and boost your chances of winning real money. However, budgets only work if you strictly follow them.
  • Play in A Properly Licensed Casino: Playing in a licensed casino like Slot Racer is non-negotiable. Doing this will ensure you get fair gameplay and that you can actually win real money. Many fraudulent casinos tend to prevent players from winning, and even when they win, withdrawing earnings is impossible.
  • Understand the Rules of The Game: It is not wise to play a game you don't understand. That is why it is important to find out about the coin sizes, levels, winning combinations, along with the minimum and maximum bets. This will give you an edge when playing the game and ensure you win real money.

Mobile Deposit Casinos VS. Other Types of Casinos

As you know, mobile deposit casinos allow you to make deposits through your mobile devices. However, that is not the only benefit they offer over other kinds of online casinos. Here are a few more benefits of playing in these casinos.

  • Enhanced Security: Typical online casinos provide you with numerous payment options to choose from. Some of these range from e-wallets, bank transfers, bank cards, etc. However, all of these payment options require you to put down your details before starting the transaction. However, mobile deposit casinos don't request your details except for your phone number. This means every other vital information like your account details, card details, email address, and other details you provide in a typical casino are not necessary. Most online casinos use a high-level of security on their platforms, but there is still the slight danger of an unauthorized third-party accessing this information – even though it is very rare. Mobile deposit casinos eradicate this minuscule possibility.
  • Keeping Track is Easy: Most players in online casinos tend to get carried away because they have no way to track their expenses. Considering how fun and entertaining online casino games are, this is something to be expected. In worse cases, this can bring about more severe issues like a gambling addiction. A mobile deposit casino helps in dealing with this problem as it provides a very clear record of all the expenses you make in casinos. To take things further, it offers a deposit limit for players, which prevents them from exceeding a specific amount. This is great for helping players keep their spending in check.
  • Faster Transactions: Making deposits in a mobile deposit is extremely fast and is almost instant. The process itself is not hectic as all you need to provide is your phone number. This is different from many online casino payment options that may take a few days to process – coupled with the numerous details you must provide. These can slow down the overall transaction speed.
  • You Pay Later: Typical online casino payments require you to pay immediately if you want to find your account. However, the mobile deposit casino gives you the option of paying later. This is a great option for anyone who wants to enjoy a casino game but cannot access funds.
  • No Extra Charges: In many other payment options, you will have to pay an extra charge. This is common, especially with options like e-wallets and bank transfers. If you are a player who tends to make many payments, these charges can quickly rack up to a substantial amount. Mobile deposit casinos don't have an additional charge, which means you can follow a budget without hassles.

How about Limitations?

The typical online casinos do have some benefits over the mobile deposit casino option. First, since pay by UK phone casinos have a cap on deposits, they may not be ideal for high rollers. It also means you can't play as many games as you would like. But the usual online casinos don't have a deposit cap, and even high rollers can play to their satisfaction.

Also, mobile deposit casinos don't support withdrawals using this option. This can be a major downside for many people since if you want to withdraw your earnings, you must look for another withdrawal option. This can be stressful and even time-consuming, a major advantage the usual online casinos have over mobile deposit casinos.

Should You Use Mobile Deposit?

Well, the answer is completely dependent on you. If you are a high roller who wants to play without limitations, sticking to a typical online casino is your best bet. However, if you want to play your favorite game while on the move and don't mind the deposit limits, playing in a mobile deposit casino is a great option. If you want a pay with phone credit casino that also provides other payment options for withdrawal, Slots Racer is your best bet.

Winning Real Money at Mobile Deposit Casinos

The process of winning real money is not complex in phone casinos. Simply make your deposit and open the slot game. When you do, include your bet level, and spin the reels, and if you land a winning combination, you get rewarded. Note that phone casino slots can pay from either left to right, right to left, or both ways.

Lastly, make sure you complete your verification so that withdrawing your money in the UK casino will be a breeze. Failing to do this can make the process more tedious than necessary.