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Online Slots Gaming Guide

Online Slots Gaming Guide

The choice of UK casino slots games you have at your fingertips is endless thanks to the internet and the number of talented developers creating new slot games repeatedly. Due to this, you need to be able to choose a good slots game that will be advantageous to you as the gamer so that you enjoy your experience as much as possible and hopefully win as much as possible too. Here’s how you can find the best slots games for you.


Always take a look at the RTP before you choose which slots game to play on. Generally, the higher the percentage of the RTP the better the chance you have of being able to win. This is not the way to win the biggest of prizes such as the one-click multi-millionaire amounts of cash, but you can see returns of hundreds, if not thousands of pounds, rather frequently. The Return to Player (RTP) is always a good place to start when looking for a new slots game to play.


Be aware that it is not always the most outwardly exciting games that are always the most financially rewarding. In fact, more often than not, the slots games with the less exciting exterior are frequently the games where you can win more cash. This is because fewer people will choose to play on these games because they are not aesthetically pleasing so the competition is less and your likelihood of winning is greater.

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Bet Level

There are different bet level bonuses slots game to suit players of all different financial standings. If you want to place bets of as little as 1p per payline then you are able to, and there are even slots game that can go right up to the much larger sums of cash such £100 per payline and more. Obviously, if you don’t have a huge amount of credit, then you will want to keep the bet level as low as possible so that you can enjoy playing your slots game for as long as possible before your cash runs out.  But if you have more credit to play with then increasing your bet level can increase the amount of cash you are able to win.


The best way that you can increase your chance of winning is to maximise the number of paylines that you are playing during your slots game. This will mean that you then have the maximum number of chances of being able to align the winning combinations of sequences. This can be costly as you pay per payline but it is very worthwhile as you will never miss out on a payout if your winning symbols align correctly. Find the best bonuses and promotions at Slots Racer!


Find a slots games that is based on a topic you like playing, especially if you know that you will be playing it for considerable amounts of time. There are discovery and exploratory based games, historical slots, and slots games with lots of different animals within them. There are even slots games with themes from specific countries or bygone eras. Whatever you find interesting and exciting, there is a perfect slots game for you.