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Slot Machine Winning Strategy

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Online slingo slots are a staple in the iGaming industry, and people take winning them seriously. Although they don’t offer the modern features of video slots, they are fun to play and can have some big wins up for grabs. While these types of scatter slot games are purely down to luck, there are definitely strategies that you can put in place to hopefully improve your chances of winning. We put together a guide of helpful hints and tips on strategies for fruit slot machine games. Make sure that you read on to discover the best strategies! Some of the top slots can be found on Slots Racer and we gathered them below for your convenience too:

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#1 Check your connection

Now, this may seem like an obvious one! But there’s no harm in checking before you begin your fruit slot machine adventure. What’s worse than a getting a buffering screen in the middle of your gameplay? Your internet connection might not even be strong enough to run the program. So, consider doing a bit of research on what technology you need before you begin. Slotsracer.com paypal uk offers many types of deposit and gaming options, but all of them require a good Internet, otherwise you won't enjoy any casino game you try.

#2 Check the Return to Player (RTP)

Before you select which fruit slot machine game to play, you should look into its RTP. A simple search and you’ll be able to figure out what it is for the game, and they are typically shown in a percentage and represent the amount of money players can hopefully receive over playing the game. Put simply, both your wins and losses will average out and become close to whatever the RTP of that game is. You want to choose the fruit slot machine games that have a higher RTP. We have put together a little guide of RTP value that gives you an overview of deposit by mobile slots games:

  • Low RTP: can be considered 92% or less.
  • Average RTP: can be considered 94%.
  • Great RTP: can be considered 96%.
  • Excellent RTP: can be considered 97%
  • Outstanding RTP: can be considered to be anything higher than 97%

#3 Choose fruit slot machines with a single payline

Experienced casino game players will be familiar with the term payline, but for you beginners out there let us explain what it means. It appears over the reels of the game, and it can form winning combinations, and if you have bet on these then you will get a payout. Video game slots can actually have lots of paylines, some have over 200 in fact. Fruit slot machine games, however, don’t have many – but this can actually be an advantage. This is because they have a higher payout percentage over the games with lots of paylines. This means that you could increase your chances of winning by choosing to play fruit machines uk games with only one payline.

#4 Embrace smaller jackpot games

Why do this I hear you ask? Well, you’re more likely to win at least some money if you choose to play games with a smaller jackpot on offer. After all, it’s statistically more difficult to win on those with huge jackpots. Those players that become obsessed with that big jackpot could actually end up chasing their losses and lose big sums of their money just trying to get their hands on that elusive prize money. What’s more, you could make more money through your smaller wins over a period of time.

#5 Consider avoiding progressive jackpots

This links to our previous strategy, as we recommend that you don’t put your faith into winning that progressive jackpot. Progressive jackpots are essentially jackpots without limits as they grow in size as players place wagers. If you find progressive jackpots to be very tempting, then we recommend that you don’t go chasing after it – you could lose great sums of money in pursuit of a prize that you’re very unlikely to get your hands on. Keep your gaze on the fixed jackpots that you are more likely to win, and don’t give into the temptation of the progressive jackpot!

#6 Take your time betting and playing

You’ll find that fruit machine slots follow the land based casino machines, in the sense that they keep things simple and basic. Games can be over fairly quickly, due to the simple gameplay and lack of bonus rounds. This means that there’s a strong possibility that you could lose a lot of money fairly quickly, especially if you play for an extended period of time with no breaks between your spins. As long as you spread out your spending over time, you might be less likely to lose money as you’ll be much more aware of what you are betting. We’re not saying that this will increase your chances of winning, but it’ll definitely keep you in control of the game and your finances. Also, make sure to check out the uk gambling laws before you make your deposit.

#7 Don’t regard slot games as hot or cold

Some players regard slot games as hot or cold. This basically means that a slot is cold if it hasn’t been paying out that much recently, and a slot is hot if it has been. You really shouldn’t regard fruit machine slots as hot or cold, as each spin is independent of the rest and this doesn't change whether you are playing on a pub machine or on new casinos like Slots Racer, which offers video slot games with modern technology. Even though a slot hasn’t paid out recently it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t play it or that you should expect a big payout from it soon. It just doesn’t work like that – fruit slot machines could give big payouts in a super short amount of time or give nothing for ages.

#8 Check out the bonuses on offer

Casinos don’t just offer welcome bonuses, they often offer lots of other incentives to excite you and add to your gaming experience – such as free spins and other slots offers. It might be a good idea to take advantage of anything that comes your way; these can be can be weekly or monthly bonuses or even entrances into VIP members clubs with exclusive offers. Casinos often hold special events for new games that they are launching, and they could offer you Free Spins or multipliers. You should definitely regularly check your emails from the casino to make sure that you don’t miss out on anything. Some casinos may even have specific bonuses just for fruit slot machines!

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