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The Evolution of Gambling

The Evolution of Gambling

It has been found that if we go back far enough in History that wherever larger groups of people congregated, gambling activities occurred. These may not be as the play video slots games as we know them today, but it was the start of what we have come to know and love as the most popular games played now. Some of the earliest evidence of this can be seen as far back as 2300BC in Ancient China. It was at this time that it appears that the famous game of Chance was first played. It was found during an archaeological dig, hiding under many tiles, that this lucky dip or lottery-style type game was once a very popular way for groups of people to increase their entertainment when they were together. Although 2300BC see one of the very first gambling games known to date, there has been evidence that lottery playing goes back way further to 200BC as “Keno Slips” were discovered in China to help fund state working which is thought to also include that of the Great Wall of China itself. Play now at online Slots Racer.

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Greek Gambling

Sophocles, the esteemed Greek poet, wrote about dice in his works, claiming that they were created by an unknown, mythical creature during the famous siege of Troy. His writings of 500BC note the use of dice, supposedly for the very first time, although there is evidence that the Egyptians had used been using and playing different games with dice before this. This fact was uncovered when an Egyptian tomb was exhumed from 3000BC where a pair of dice were found. The Ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans, especially as there were so many associated scholars during these times and from these parts of the world, all seemingly loved to gamble and there was no specific subject as to which they preferred to gamble on. Interestingly, gambling was forbidden in the Rome of ancient times and if you were caught participating in betting, then you were charged four times your initial wager. Due to this, it seems that this is where the first gaming chips came from as this is how the Romans got around the guards. The guards were not aware of what the gaming chips were for a long period, but even when they became aware of their purpose, they were unable to prove what the person in question had bet on, how much and where. This was also how people claimed to the guards that they were not actually paying for real cash, but for chips with no monetary value, and therefore could not have any legal blame. The Romans were really very clever! Find great slots offers on Slots Racer.

Of course the above differ a lot from the fruit machine of today, but still we have to thank these people for the invention of the concept of gambling.

Early Baccarat

Though there are no many games played today that have been around for more than a couple of decades, Baccarat outdoes them all. Having been talked of in writings as early as the 1400s, this game has definitely stood the test of time but it has changed a great deal from its original form to the game we all know and love playing today. Having thought to have been created in Italy, it quickly moved through France where it was equally as popular and undertook some French changes too. Now there is a more standard variant of the game which is played around the world, so no matter where you play the much-loved Baccarat, you will know the rules to enable you to, fingers crossed, be successful. Usually played by the big spenders or the professionals, hundreds of years later this classic game can still be found in the majority of casinos around the world, although most people prefer to watch than play as it’s just so exciting!

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Le Roulette

We have all heard of Roulette and many of us have played this fast-paced, big potential and highly anticipated game either in a casino or online, but it may surprise you to know that it is not actually as old a game as you may think. Having originated from France, the game known as the “Little Wheel” was not actually played until 1796 in Paris. For some reason, it took over 50 years to make its way to the US, where the original variant was altered slightly to include the green zero that we still see today. Despite the green zero being created as an amendment in America, this variant of Roulette was renamed European Roulette, but it quickly spread across the world. Once it hit the dizzy heights of the Monte Carlo free slot games, the already popular game increased spectacularly and is loved in equal proportion today. Despite most of the world playing European Roulette, the US have maintained their use of the double zero Roulette wheel.  No one really knows why, but perhaps they just enjoy being a little different to the rest of the world.

Online Gambling - the Future

Jumping forward a few hundred years from when Roulette was first played, we see the development and release of the first online gaming site in 1994. This was from Microgaming who remain one of the largest and most successful casino and slots developers in the world. It took just five years for online gambling to be worth over a billion dollars increasing to become a multibillionaire industry today. Playtech created the first live dealer casino nine years later in 2003, which sees an impressive link between the original bricks and mortar casino and the online gambling world. This style of online gaming sees the players able to communicate, see the dealer/croupier and act in live time with the game, competitors and the dealer. But online gambling is no longer the front runner when it comes to gambling, as 2019 has seen the development and release of many mobile gambling games methods which enable players to participate in their favourite games from any location, at any time. With apps already available or in the midst of creation, the world of mobile gaming is getting really exciting and we cannot wait to see what the next decade has in store. Will we ever go back to playing our favourite online games on our computers or are apps going to take over entirely? It is suspected that VR headsets are going to be the big excitement of the 20s. What do you think?

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