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Top 3 Roulette Strategies Explained

Top 3 Roulette Strategies Explained

There are some incredibly famous casino games out there to enjoy – with the most favourable being the free slot games. From your card game classics like poker or blackjack, to the game in question here, the roulette wheel, there have been some influential casino inventions and pastimes down the years that are still very much thriving in today’s market for online casino and online gaming.

The roulette wheel stands out as one of the most exciting casino pastimes even today, first introduced in the late 18th century by the French. Now enjoyed by the world as opposed to just those French gentry in fancy Paris casinos, the game has changed very little ever since. The only minor adaption to the game since it’s first introduction back then was the American adoption of roulette, as they added an extra pocket to the wheel, a green one with a double zero symbol, that tilted the house edge ever so slightly in favour of the casino more than the original game. Learn more on fruit machine laws uk that have a fascinated story as well!

The long running format of the game means that over the years, many formulas and methods have been created to try and work the roulette wheel to the advantage of the gambler. Some very smart mathematicians and some number-loving gamblers have come up with some pretty interesting methods and theories over the years and in this article, we will be looking at the top 3 roulette strategies.

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Martingale Roulette Strategy

This roulette method might just be the most famous of them all and the Martingale Method has been around for hundreds of years now. It is thought that the strategy was invented in France, the same place that age us the wheel in the first place.

The method works for any game where the odds can offer an evens chance of winning and in roulette, this is often regarded to be the case when one bets on either red or black. With a half-chance of losing, or so it seems, the player should double their bet every time they lose, looking to counteract any losses and make some profit when the win eventually comes in. The reality is that betting on red or black or odds or even, is actually slightly less than a half-chance, but this method pretty much works if you have the budget and the time.

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The Anti-Martingale Method

Roulette Strategies Image

This one works just the same as the above but instead of doubling the bet when losing, the player should halve the bet when they win. This keeps them in profit no matter what, so long as you eventually get a win from the above strategy. Nonehtless, have a look at the gambling laws apparent today to not what you can and can't do when applying a strategy on the roulette

D’Alembert System

This is another famous strategy and similar to the Martingale. However, it is a flat betting method which means it is less aggressive and suggest smaller progressive bets rather than doubling down one’s bets after a loss. Still betting on odds or evens or black or red, the player must slowly climb their betting amount or gently lower it, minimising loss and hoping to make small gains either way. If you feel that you want to learn more before you engage with the actual game, then make sure to read our complete guide to roulette!And, lastly, whatever game you decide to play on you should check our slots offers and bonus cash promo for you!

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