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Where is Gambling Illegal?

Where is Gambling Illegal?

Despite gambling having been made legal in the UK since mid-1961, there are many different countries where gambling has not yet been made legal. The anomaly to this rule is that of the US where the majority of states have legalised gambling but there are so many grey areas surrounding these. The only two states where every element of gambling has been legalised are Louisiana and Nevada. They can't enjoy the best slots to play available that we enjoy today!

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European Gambling

The majority of countries in the EU have some element of legalised gambling available to their citizens, offering even slots promotions in cases. There are still some countries in Europe where the laws surrounding gambling remain unregulated, which includes countries like Monaco, Moldova, Andorra, Slovenia, and a few others. There are so many specific rules and regulations regarding gambling both online and offline that there are differences between every country around the world. If you are planning on participating in any sort of gambling if you are travelling, then this is something that you should look into before you commence play otherwise, in many countries, this could lead to your arrest. Take Poland for example, where you are not able to gamble online and it is considered an illegal offence if you do so, be it unknowingly or not. Players can't enjoy video slot sites like Racer slots there..

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Gambling Online

Although there are many different countries where offline free slot games and gambling is prohibited, the majority still enable their citizens to undertake in online gambling. The countries which do not allow online gambling to occur are as follows and many of them may come as a big surprise! Cyprus and Poland and the most surprising but Cambodia, North Korea, Singapore, Brunei, and UAE probably are so surprising. For some countries, gambling either online or offline and the legalities surrounding this matter make complete sense, but frequently there are unknown laws, regulations or rules that catch people out. This is because there is not always a great deal of publication surrounding illegal gambling activities in many countries and the things that aren’t allowed to happen are not usually well publicised to visitors. Be sure to always do thorough research if you are travelling or emigrating to somewhere new.

Unknown Gambling Illegalities

With every country having its own rules regarding gambling online and offline, there’s no wonder why so many visitors get caught out each year. Take a look at the following list for some interesting facts:

  • In Bangladesh, you cannot gamble in a bricks and mortar casino but you are permitted to gamble online;
  • Cambodian natives are committing a criminal offence if they gamble inside a casino but foreign visitors are able to do so with no repercussions at all;
  • On the Cayman Islands, the only type of gambling that is legal is foreign slots games;
  • To place a bet online on sports-related gambling can be done legally in Cyprus but only if you have a license;
  • In Iceland, you are permitted to gamble so long as it takes place offline. Online betting is illegal;
  • The Ukraine laws state that every type of gambling is illegal except their national lottery equivalent;
  • In Mali, it is only legal for foreign visitors to gamble but for the locals all gambling is illegal.

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