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sairz2win won

xxluckywinner329 won

tina351 won

mamun2019 won

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Drmanhattan555 won

minx1902 won

sandam69 won

loneranger1966 won

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Online Slots - Play at Slots Racer

Online slots are some of the most popular ways to gamble online and use online casino at the moment and once you have had a spin or two one of these online slot games, you will surely see just why. When you win on an online casino it is an instant thrill and there are so many different slot machines on offer to choose from as well. Casino games can, of course, come in all kinds of different shapes and sizes, but here we will be getting into some of the best games to emerge online within the online slots field.

You are in the right place if you want to learn and experience more about one of the most popular online ways to gamble, as we touch on key terms like minimum deposit, bonus spins, return to player and more, before getting into that all-important selection of the best online slots. Read on for advice on how to get some bonus funds to use on the best slot or more so, your best slot, as both new players and those with more experience will hopefully get something they can apply to their own casino actions.

We also have a section dedicated to the developers of online slot machines and video slots, who play such a crucial role in the success of the modern online casinos of today. Do make sure you lap up all this information as much as you can in order to maximise your slot game knowledge and take it to the online casino to put into motion - and of course, be sure to gamble safely and responsibly and remember that there is more information available for you at should you need it. Read below or get started with demo slots or some real money games!

What are Best Online Slots?

So, what exactly are online slots? Well, also known as video slots, slot machines, online fruit machine and pokies, depending on whereabouts in the UK you are, these online gambling games have risen to popularity in recent years and become truly one of the most popular ways to have a flutter online. If you did not know already, online slots derive from those classic casino games with reels, like fruit machines that once adorned the corners of pubs up and down the country.

Online slots are quite simply the online version of these games, bringing with them new features and possibilities such as great graphics, bigger jackpots and all sorts of add ons and extras that simply were not possible with the age-old offline format. The slot machine itself dates back well over a hundred years after all, since Liberty Bell first introduced the poker machine into bars and taverns across San Francisco in California. The prizes back then were just free drinks from said bar and even a few cigars, so when you realise just how much more can be won in online video slots today, you will realise one of the ways that online slots have greatly evolved. Similarly, the ease of now playing the once chunky fruit machines as mobile slots on your own handheld smartphone device shows once again how far into the future of casino we really are.

Online slots can free to play online with no deposit required depending on what game you are playing and what casino you are playing with. Other casinos might offer a minimum deposit before you play the game to be made and it is always checking what ts and cs apply to your chosen slot machine and online casino before laying down your deposit and placing a bet. Slots Racer, for example, offers plenty of slot games and the chance to win free spins on them for new players and that is why they are standing out as one of the most popular casinos in the modern casino industry.

Where can you Play Online Slots?

There are plenty of places and different ways in which you can play online slots. This is one of the key reasons for the rise and rise of the format, with people being able to access this type of gambling game easier than ever before. With mobile casino, the answer to that question of where can you play online slots is of course, absolutely anywhere, providing you have your phone, an internet connection and, aligned with the gambling commission, are in a country where online gambling is legal!

But the mobile slot game world has opened up casino to a whole new audience with players of all ages joining the slot game fun. Not only is the mobile market thriving for online casino slots, but the likes of tablets and desktops are only getting more and more players involved, too. The online casino was first created for the desktop audience and there seem to be no plans to stop catering to this audience with new games that have amazing graphics still perfectly tailored for the larger screen on your laptop or computer.

All the best online casino brands offer the chance to play slots on line, too, so make sure you check what kind of selection your slot game provider of choice has. Slots Racer has countless amounts of slots games all to a very high standard, so it's well worth delving into their catalogue when you fancy spinning some reels. In their varied selection, you will find games of all types with different themes, characters, styles, layouts and crucially, different sized payouts available. From jackpot slots to underwater adventures, you will find some fast-paced and chilled out slot games at Slots Racer and they are a casino brand that is proud to offer such a well-rounded service... not to mention plenty of slots casino bonuses and features.

About Slots Racer Site

Put the pedal to the metal at the Slots Racer site - the home of the gaming world! Play the most finely tuned slot games available across the globe in 2020. Slots Racer brings you the biggest and newest variety of top slots online in our Slots Racer library! There are over 900 of the best slots in the industry, developed by the world’s leading developers; including some of the UK's top slot games. Iconic slot titles, like Mega Moolah and classics, such as Fluffy Favourites! If you want to find out more about what we have on offer, read below now to learn all there is to know for the site that is created to satisfy your slots hunger!

Hit the road Jack, with a selection of your favourite five reels best slots online, and keep on rollin' within our exciting live casino games, or get caught ridin' dirty with our bingo games! Slots Racer boasts slots from some of the leading game developers across the planet. Our library brings you titles from tech giants, like NetEnt, Yggdrasil, Microgaming and many, many more! Fire up the nitrogen boosters and finish first in the drag race - in order to take advantage of the Slots Racer Welcome Bonus Offer. You can win up to 500 free spins on the amazing Diamond Strike slot when you make your first deposit!

Here at Slots Racer, we believe that best rated slots are like cars: there's one designed for everybody. So, take advantage of our diverse selection of titles and find your perfect whip! We are a fully licensed and regulated top online slots site. In fact, Slots Racer is a space where you can feel safe and confident to play games and gamble on the best casino.

Play Online Slots with the Best Offers - 500 Free Spins 

New players always have the chance to make the most of their time spent playing online slots thanks to the competitive nature of the industry in question. Online slots can be played using welcome offers to full effect and players, new players in particular, should make sure they look around for what t and cs apply to them when it comes to picking a new casino and potential welcome offer.

New players could get free spins to play with or free bets with no deposit. Casinos might offer the chance to deposit £20 and then get extra bonus funds from this for example, to be used on the likes of online slots of whatever casino games you like the look of. All the best online casino providers will give you the chance to sign up and have an offer like this, with casinos often trying to outdo each other with their offers. While ts and cs apply and offers are subject to change, Slots Racer have a really competitive offer that sees slot players, in particular, have the chance to cash in on some bonus funds and free spins.

Casino offers like this are there to be used, so there is no harm in playing the field and finding gaming bonuses that suit you, They are there to help you win after all, so make the most of what offer is available for players like you. New offers come out all the time, so whether you are looking for a slot bonus, some free bets no deposit or maybe some bonus funds off your £20 deposit, check what online casinos are offering the best offer for your style of gaming. Remember that terms apply, too, which may affect how fast you need to use an offer or how much money you can win from an offer. The key is making the most of what is available at the time you decide to sign up with new online casinos.

Promotions & Welcome Offer

So baby, will you drive our car filled with videoslot? Do you have what it takes to drive your way to success with our slot games? You need the courage to take a spin on our famous Mega Reel welcome bonus, and win big. New players who deposit from as little as £10 will have the opportunity to win up to 500 free spins on the Diamond Strike slot. You are able to use our website on desktop, tablets, games consoles and even mobile devices. View our slots promotions here to get started. 

So, as we were saying, first-time depositors on Slots Racer have the chance to win up to 500 free spins on the best slots to play through our famous Mega Wheel! We like to reward all new players with an exciting and generous welcome bonus opportunity to prove how happy we feel that they joined our family! So, deposit £10 and spin-to-win and see what you come out with, no matter the outcome, every spinner wins a prize - although prizes vary, of course. Maybe you’ll come away with the maximum prize of 500 free spins, alternatively, you may settle with hundreds of spins on another one of our fantastic slots, or even free vouchers. You can also take advantage of seasonal offers occurring throughout the year for new and loyal players. We are always looking for ways to reward all our slot games players, thanking them for sticking with Slots Racer amongst the various slot sites! Simply deposit today and pick from the Racer's Mega Reel party bag of goodies, and find your way onto the winner's podium. 

To gain access to the Mega Reel simply deposit £10 or more in order to gain a chance of winning. What are you waiting for? Fire up those engines and put them into afterburn, it’s race day baby with our best online slots! Then, you can start placing your bets on other popular slots, like Starburst and Chilli Heat - hoping for some burning wins with these two!

Terms and Conditions apply to all the rewards from our Welcome Offer. You can read the details on these after you sign up with your casino account, where you can also see how much money you have deposited. Our website uses cookies to offer you a more personalised experience, so make sure to select that option when you first sign up via your Internet browser.

Bonus features in the Top Slots

One of the most exciting modern developments in slot game history is, of course, the increase in bonus features and bonus rounds available. These are really something that have become more present, much to our joy, since online slot game begun to take over as the most popular way to enjoy slot machines. This is because what with the video motion graphics and improved graphics, too, there is simply more possibilities and more opportunities to create new features into games.

But what are bonus features in slot games? Well, for the most part, they are in-game extras that give the players chances to win more money or perhaps more often, with differing bonuses offering different prizes or effects. One of the most popular types of slots bonus is the free spins round and not without good reasons, as this often rewarding casino bonus allows players to spin the reels for free, sometimes up to huge amount of turns. Not only this, but some free spins rounds in online slot games will also add multipliers to your wins or your score, helping players well and truly win big when it comes to bonus funds.

Another example of a slots bonus would be the chance to win free spins from a sign up offer or welcome bonus, but we have more of this later. For now though, you need to know the premise of the slots bonus and that is to give the player an advantage which may not necessarily exist within the standard gameplay. As well as free spins, this might include bonus games like Pick Me Features, extra bonus symbols on the reels, progressive jackpots in jackpot slots and whole new layouts and ways to play games that you might have never thought about before.

Make sure you keep an eye on what bonus features your slot games of choice have as they can really mix up your gameplay for the better. Read reviews and check what terms apply for each bonus too so you have a better idea of how the bonus features work.

Online Slots Developers

The online slot game developers are some of the most important brands in the online casino and online slot market, with the best online slot game developers being pivotal in the success of the entire industry. The developers are the brands and people who make the games that we all play and love so much, with certain players maybe having their favourite slot game developers for one reason or another.

Slots Racer work with lots of different developers of online slots and this is one of the reasons they are regarded as one of the best online casinos around. Having a diverse selection of development brands to work with allows and ensures a varied and diverse selection of slots on your website and in the endless listings of popular slots on offer, you will find some famous developers of games.


Microgaming is perhaps the most well known online slots developer there is, with this brand being closely tied to the rise of the online casino world in the 1990s. As one of the first brands to really nail down the fairest way to offer online casino in terms of random number generators and return to player rates, they deserve their acclaimed status in the history of online gambling.

In modern day, Microgaming continues to set the bar very high for itself and likeminded casino brands, regularly releasing new slots and slots that are modern in their appearance, functionality and very concepts. In their collection of slot games which grows by the week, you will find some truly iconic titles but the most famous of all is a world record holder, as Mega Moolah once paid out the largest win ever of an online slot - talk about jackpot slots!


This developer of online slots has shot to fame in recent years and become one of the most notoriously and unanimously loved brands in online casino as a whole. The reason for Yggdrasil's success is surely down to their love for the visual art and animated side of slot games, which they are absolute masters of.

Yggdrasil games have a great sense of fun and an even better sense of humour, packing in the likes of crazy cartoon penguins into their wild slot games. The graphics are always of the highest level and you know a Yggdrasil slot when you see one thanks to their commitment to stunningly impressive visual slot games. Gaming with Yggdrasil is always a pleasure thanks to this commitment to great-looking slots and you will notice that their games look lovely across all sorts of platforms, too. If you are looking for a slot game that best sums up the good work that this esteemed developer of online slots does, try out Penguin City.

Leander Games

One of the newer names on the scene is Leander Games, but they are far from newbies themselves with an impressive collection of online slots to their name. Internationally acclaimed to the very meaning of the phrase , players enjoy their slot games from here to South America and from a Leander Games production you can expect a really high standard of game.

They have no issue with taking on an ambitious theme and with this comes ambitious graphics and gameplay, too, as they really are pushing boundaries for what a slot machine can be in 2020. All playable via smartphone devices, tablets and more, Leander Gaming slot machines are for the modern online gambler who likes to have online slots and an online win, possible at any given moment.


One of the longest-running developers in the realm of slot games is Barcrest, a brand who have been making fruit machines since before they even moved online. You are likely to be able to find games from this company up and down the country in pubs, clubs, chip shops and the like, even to this very day, with their incredible legacy on the casino industry felt strongly wherever you play your casino games.

The most famous game or more so, series of games from Barcest, has to be the Irish themed slot game series that is Rainbow Riches. One of the most played series of all time when it comes to slots online, these fast-paced and good-humoured slots are truly legendary within the slots casino community and despite the age of some of the older games, they are still very much enjoyed and played today.

Get Unlimited Access to Over 600 Slots Online 

This section’s for all you slot playing speed junkies - the ones who want to live-fast and bet on their favourite casino games! Slots Racer boasts a collection of over 900 best slots online really worth playing, offering a choice for all types of players. Our ambition is to bring you the latest slot titles on the market, but only if they are worth your time. We only work with the best developers to achieve this challenging task; the Jaguars, Land Rovers and Ferraris of slots gaming. Whether it’s NetEnt, Yggdrasil or Pragmatic Play, we pride ourselves on having only the best of the best in the world of exciting slots on line gaming. Once you’ve spent some time at the track flick through some of our top titles, we promise there will be at least one of our best online slots that you will fall in love with.

Slots Racer's casino fuel cap is full to the brim with five and three reel best slots online - waiting for you to play and enjoy. Additionally, we have a huge selection of traditional card games like Blackjack, Roulette and Poker. You’ll also be able to find the best live casino and bingo games here too, just in case you were wondering. Each of our online slot comes with a detailed description letting you know the rules and how to play in order to win!

What are the Best Online Slots to Play Today?

When it comes to whittling down the best online slot games to play, you have a real challenge on your hands, purely because the standard is so very high these days and the selection is vast to the pint where it feels like the choice of slots is never-ending. Online casinos make sure to offer plenty of games in this genre to their players thanks to the incredible popularity that they hold among the players.

From jackpot slots to megaways slots, fixed pay lines to elaborate themes, there are lots of different ways to play video slots and what makes a slot game one of the best is somewhat subjective. However, we have done our best to pick a few of the best online slot games we know of, all of which are playable across online casinos and available as mobile slots, too, so you can enjoy them anywhere and at any time of day.

To make our picks we have taken into consideration many factors such as the originality of games, the detailed nature of their theme, the quality of graphics and gameplay, sizes of prizes, jackpots and other wins, as well as how much they cost to play. Also look out for some games that can be played with no minimum deposit or perhaps a small minimum deposit, as this expansive and varied list of slots ticks all the boxes and answers all the questions you might have about nine video slot machines.

Here are a few of the most popular slots to play on Slots Racer:

Rainbow Riches 

Rainbow Riches Megaways

3 Genie Wishes Slots


The Goonies 

And so many more and more slot titles for you to pick on our casino!

Jackpot Slots & Slots with High Payouts

Best jackpot slots can offer a huge amount of cash to lucky players, turning them from normal punters to a true King. There are different types of jackpots, which can greatly vary in terms of winnings across different casinos. This is because some top slots games accumulate a higher jackpot price as players keep betting on it. This is why you should never accept to play on second class casinos. It's your right to play on exclusive slots sites, like Slots Racer, and enjoy games like Cleopatra, Fishin Frenzy, Rainbow Riches, Ricky and Morty Megaways and other deluxe slot titles like these. It's important to read through the slots reviews to learn how many paylines there are on a slot game, if there are wild symbols and the age of the slot. Use the help of our expert teams (who could write a book on these games) and go after some real gold with the best slot machines there are available.

If you are looking for a real jackpot slot, then you should try out Rainbow Jackpots - which not only carries the famous Irish theme that everyone loves, but also offers some free spins and bonus games. Many of your favourite games online, such as Temple of Iris, Fluffy Favourites and Morty Megaways have an updated version - turning into jackpot slots. The different types of jackpot slots you can find include: local jackpots, progressive jackpots and daily jackpots. Make sure to learn the differences between these through our blog, so you are truly prepared before you go after the huge prizes they have to offer.

New Games added Each Week - Over 800 Slots Available Today on this Best Site Online

You can always rely on Slots Racer online casino to beat all other slots sites past the post. We bring our players new top online slots weekly, while maintaing the standards and quality of our games in the maximum. We work closely with the top slots developers to be able to keep up to the high standards we have set in order to only deliver the best gaming experince to you. You can keep tabs on the hottest news in online gaming in our blogs, and email newsletter. New players can enjoy up to 500 free spins in welcome bonuses (deposit 10 free spins will come) to be played on old or new online slot games that we add; not to mention that we also run promotions from the developers that make our slot game titles, offering you extra prizes and rewards in an instant! Slots Racer online casino keeps things fresh by adding new slots online to our inventory each and every week - never stopping updating our already large slot collection; providing that adrenaline rush for all you speed freaks, 365 days of the year, 24/7. If you are a new player to the slot game world and online casino gaming cosmos, then you might want to have a look on our history map of the fruit machine before you start spinning! Welcome, and good luck!

Online Slots FAQs

Check below some of the enquiries that we get here at Slots Racer.

Are the slot machines Rigged?

Casinos of the old days were often caught cheating players, by changing the Return to Player and affecting players winning chances massively. With online slots, however, this is out of question. The Gambling Commission and other Gambling Regulatory bodies ensure that all casinos and slot sites adhere to their guidelines. The RTPs of each slot game is available for players in advance, while a Random Number Generator (RNG) operates within the slot machine to ensure that each spin is unique. This means that you could win the jackpot twice in a row, but also that you could experience a long losing streak.

What Slot Games Pay Real money?

Many sites offer free slots and demo slots to players, which do not pay real money. However, all our best slots online can be first tried in demo mode, but after your first £10 deposit you can play any of the game above and win real money! Besides our welcome offer that has wagering requirements in place, any deposit you make will allow you to spin the reels on our best rated online slots. Each slot game we offer carries a description of the maximum prize you can win, so make sure that you read it beforehand. Some of our titles offer more than 5,000x your original bet - so make sure to bet based on the payout that you are after!

Are there No Deposit Slots Sites?

No deposit sites used to be very common, but they are not around any more due to players taking advantage of these offers. If you want to play without spending real money, you can have a go on our demo slots for free! The best we can offer to new players at Slots Racer is our free spins offer that can reward you up to 500 spins on the best slots we have!

Does Slots Racer offer only Online Slots to players?

We are primarily a site focusing on bringing the best slot machines, best online slots, jackpot games and video slots in one place for spin enthousiasts. However, we have a huge collection of classic casino games in place, such as Blackjack, Poker Variations, Roulette Games, Bingo Games and we are planning to add Baccarat soon. Ah, and don't miss out on our Scratchcards!

Deposit and Payment Options on Slots Racer Site

Depositing and making a payment couldn’t be simpler with Slots Racer casino, either if you fancy playing classic casino games or brand new slots. We use all the latest payment methods to ensure that your gaming experience is as smoothas it can possibly be, so you can play freely and enjoy what we have on offer. We utilise all the standard deposit (deposit 10 free spins will come next) and payment methods, like visa and debit, as well as other casino payment options, like Paypal, pay by mobile, Paysafe card and many more. Here is a detailed collection of the payment methods you can use at Slots Racer.






Pay by mobile Slots Casino

Responsible Gambling - Play Best Online Slots Only if it is Fun!

Slots Racer casino is a strong advocate of responsible and safe gambling and always strives to ensure our players are getting the most from their gaming experience through our best slots online, while also ensuring their safety and privacy needs are met. As it has been aforementioned, we are fully licensed and regulated by the UKGC and the AGCC. We work closely with the UK Gambling Commission to ensure that we’re operating within safety guidelines and providing the leading resources for problem gamblers and online casino addicts.

If you feel like you’re maybe suffering from gambling addiction or you’re developing an online casino problem we always recommend setting deposit limits in line with your budget available for slot machine gaming - or using phone deposit methods, which perform that task for you. Problem gambling is not something that you should be ashamed of, and it always helps to spot the signs before they get worse and you spent more than you should on an online casino. Take a look at our blog outlining some of the common signs and symptoms to be aware of when it comes to problem gambling and responsible gambling. Always remember, when the fun stops, stop.

Have a look at the UK gambling laws if you want to learn more on this and play safely on the best slots.

Other Common Questions in Regards to Slots

Lastly, we are trying to shred some lights to a few common slot games questions below:

What Are Demo Slots?

Demo slots are a feature that is apparent on some online sites, which allows players to try out the game without paying. In some cases you might not even need to register. Demo slots are great for beginners or for trying new slot releases.

Can You Win Money Playing Online Slots?

If you join a real money slot site, yes you can win good amounts of cash. It all depends on your bet range, as this can span from £0.10 up to £500 per spin. The winning amounts are obviously completely different, but in both cases you can make real money!

Which Slot Machines Have the Best Bonuses

Most slot machines released after 2015 have a bonus round in place; if you are looking for slots bonuses, we suggest that you stay away from fruit machines and play any of the following games:

Rainbow Riches Megaways

Bonanaza Megaways

Fishin Frenzy Megaways

Dead or Alive II

Eye of Horus

If you haven't played this yet, try their demo mode to see these bonus rounds for yourself.

Can I play Slots Online Free?

Yes, you can. Free online slots are available in demo mode, through the form of free bets and no deposit slots bonuses. Demo slots are the most common, but the other two options could also be available on some sites. However, it will be hard to beat the wagering requirements and withdraw that money. 

What is the best Online Slot To Play?

It's hard to conclude on a single game amongst the thousand slots we, and other sites, offer. At the end of the day it is down to personal taste. However, if you ask us to pick one, we would go with Street Fighter 2 slot. It has amazing bonuses, great graphics, quick gameplay and one of the most fascinating themes!

Which is the most popular Slot Games Saga?

There are a few apparent at Slots Racer, such as the Slingo games, the Fluffy Favourites, Irish luck and more. However, our favourite is the rainbow riches casino family! These include:

Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix

Slingo Rainbow Riches

Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold

Rainbow Riches Drops of Gold

Rainbow Riches Reels of Gold

And other games are still expected to be added from this saga on our site!

Rights Reserved.

Any references to bonuses and free spins are subject to the following terms: New players only, min deposit £10, £8 max win per 10 spins, max bonus conversion equal to lifetime deposits (up to £250), 65X wagering requirements and full T&Cs apply. Please see our promotions page for more information.

Please note that the RTP may change from time to time. For accuracy, see the information of the slot game in question (accessible by clicking 'Play' on the game logo from our 'All Games' tab. You'll need to be logged in to do this)